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CURAC/ARUCCBoard of Directors and Committees 2013-14

President: Sandra Pyke, York University RA
Vice-President: Kenneth Craig, UBC Assn. of Professors Emeriti
Secretary: Edgar Williams, Memorial University Pensioners Assn.
Treasurer: June Panteluk, University of Alberta Assn. of Professors Emeriti
Directors: George Brandie, Retirees’ Assn. of Queen’s University
Joan Cunnington, Ontario Colleges Retiree Association, Seneca
Kohur Gowrisankaran, McGill University Retirees Assn.
Bryan Harvey, University of Saskatchewan Retirees Assn.
Linda Kealey, UNB Retirees Assn.
Patti Stoll, OCRA Seneca
Geraldine Thomas, St. Mary’s University Retiree Assn.

Committees and Chairs 2013-14

Archives George Brandie, Queen’s
Awards Edgar Williams, Memorial
Benefits Patti Stoll, OCRA Seneca
Board Conference Geraldine Thomas, St. Mary’s.
Communications Bryan Harvey, Saskatchewn
Constitution George Brandie, Queen’s.
Newsletter Joan Cunnington, OCRA Seneca
Finance Kohur Gowrisankaran, McGill
Health Care Linda Kealey, UNB
Local Organizing Mary Johnston
Membership Kenneth Craig, UBC
Nominating George Brandie, Queen’s
Pensions Paul Huber, Dalhous
Professional Support Peter Russell, Toronto.
Strategic Plan Sandra Pyke, York University
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Agenda: Annual General Meeting, May 29, 2014, 3:00-4:30 PM

CURAC/ARUCC Annual General Meeting
Thursday, May 29, 2014, 3:00 – 4:30 PM.
Room BSB 115, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.


1. Welcome by the National President
2. Quorum Confirmation and Approval of the Agenda: President
3. Approval of AGM Minutes, Thursday, June 13, 2013 Secretary
4. Business Arising from the Minutes Secretary
5. Report of the President President
6. Report of the Secretary Secretary
7. Report of the Treasurer Treasurer
a. Audited Financial Statement for 2013-2014.
b. Provisional Budget for 2014-2015
c. Report on Membership
d. Appointment of the Auditor for 2014-2015
8. Reports from Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees Committee Chairs
9. Report of the Nominating Committee George Brandie
Elections of Officers and Directors for 2014-15
11. Delegates Forum
12. Other Business
13. Adjournment

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Thursday, June 13, 2013, 1:30 PM

Present: Twenty Seven Voting Members
Board of Directors: George Brandie, Queens (President), Sandra Pyke, York (VP), Edgar Williams, Memorial (Secretary), June Panteluk, Alberta (Treasurer), John Meyer, Windsor (Past President), Jack Boan (Regina), Joan Cunnington (OCRA), John Stager, (UBC), Kohur Gowrisankaran (McGill), Patti Stoll, (OCRA), Paul Huber, (Dalhousie), Robert Lucas, (Memorial).

Delegates: Randy Barkhouse (Dalhousie), Rose Blackmore, (Wilfrid Laurier), Joanne Chumakov (York), Doreen Whalen (Memorial), Douglas Creelman (Toronto), Leonard Evenden (Simon Fraser), Wolfgang Faig (New Brunswick), David Holmes (Carleton), Brian Phillips, (Lakehead), Louis Richard (Moncton), Alison Scott-Prelorentzos (Alberta), David Swayne (Guelph), Geraldine Thomas (St. Mary’s), Edward Unrau (Manitoba), Marianne Walters (McMaster).

1. Welcome by the President.

President George Brandie welcomed all present including non-voting CURAC/ARUCC and MUNPA members. The President declared that the members present and eligible to vote constituted a quorum.

2. Approval of the Agenda.

The Agenda as circulated by the Secretary was approved by consensus.

3. Minutes of the Special General Meeting held April 19, 2012, Victoria, BC.

MOTION: (Boan/Gowrisankaran) that the minutes of the Special General Meeting held April 19, 2012 be approved. CARRIED.

4. Business Arising from the Minutes.

The President requested that speakers use the travelling microphone in order to be heard and so that comments could be recorded.
(a) Member Associations who had prepared Reports to share with others were requested to place same on a table outside the Friday meeting room so that other members could obtain a copy.

5. Report from the President.

A written Report of President George Brandie was circulated with the meeting package. This Report was a summary of activities for the past year.
MOTION: (Gowrisankaran/Meyer) that the Report of the President be received. CARRIED.

6. Report of the Secretary.

The Report of the Secretary, which had been circulated to all delegates, was an attempt to summarize many of the activities of the association for the previous year. The Secretary reported on the membership renewal process and the importance of obtaining current contact information from member associations. As a member of the local organizing committee for the CURAC/ARUCC 2013 Conference and AGM, he thanked all MUNPA members who helped with the arrangements for this event. The President suggested that the job of Secretary is the glue that keeps the organization functioning well. He expressed his appreciation to the Secretary for his diligence in circulating documents efficiently, a non-trivial but vital task (applause). Gowri mentioned the work of the Secretary in arranging six teleconference sessions in addition to the planning for three Board meetings in St. John’s.
MOTION: (Williams/Boan) that the Report of the Secretary be received. CARRIED.

7. Report of the Treasurer.

(a) Audited Financial Statements for 2012-13.
The Treasurer June Panteluk presented her Report via Power Point. This Report included the CURAC/ARUCC Income Statement, April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 which showed total income of $29,631.65 for 2012-13 resulting in a net surplus of $15,242.72. Membership fees totaled $4,666.94 and AGM Travel subsidies to delegates and Board members totalled $5,525.04. The Balance sheet reported total assets of $22,761.42 as of April 1, 2013.
The Treasurer reminded delegates that the fiscal year is April 1 to March 31 and that membership renewals are due by March 31. Renewal notices are sent to out in October giving members adequate notice. She reported that by the March 31, 2013 deadline, a number of renewals were still outstanding.
(b) Provisional Budget for 2013-14.
The Treasurer presented financial estimates for 2013-14 and 2014-15. Budgeted revenue for 2013-14 is $13,440.00 with expenditures of $11,200.00. For 2014-15, projected revenue is $ 14,160.00 and expenditures $12,010.00.
MOTION: (Panteluk/Stager) that the Report of the Treasurer for 2012-13 including the financial estimates for 2013-14 be accepted. CARRIED.
(c) Appointment of Auditor for 2013-14.
MOTION: Panteluk/Huber) that Brian McDonald, University of Alberta, be reappointed association auditor. CARRIED.
The Treasurer again requested that member associations keep her informed when local association officials may be away for extended periods. This could help us understand why there might be a delay in membership renewals.

8. Report from the Constitution Committee.

The new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporation Act requires that this association apply for a Certificate of Continuance of the Corporation and that the general operating By-law of the Corporation (as amended) be repealed effective on the date that the corporation continues under the NFP Act and a new general operating By-law No.1 which has been submitted to this meeting and is annexed as Schedule B be approved to be effective on the same date. Consequently, the Board of Directors is recommending approval of the following Special Resolution: CURAC/ARUCC SPECIAL RESOLUTION OF MEMBERS continuing the Corporation under the provisions of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and authorizing the directors to apply for a Certificate of Continuance.
WHEREAS the Corporation was incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act by Letters Patent dated the 9th day of February, 2006; and

WHEREAS those Letters Patent were amended by Supplementary Letters Patent dated the 10th day of November, 2010; and

WHEREAS it is considered to be in the best interests of the Corporation that it be continued under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) pursuant to section 297 of the NFP Act;


1. The directors of the Corporation are authorized and directed to make an application under section 297 of the NFP Act to the Director appointed under the NFP Act for a Certificate of Continuance of the Corporation;

2. The Articles of Continuance (transition) of the Corporation, which have been submitted to this meeting and are annexed as Schedule A, are approved;

3. The general operating By-law of the Corporation (as amended) is repealed effective on the date that the corporation continues under the NFP Act and the new general operating By-law No.1 which has been submitted to this meeting and is annexed as Schedule B is approved and will be effective on the same date.

4. Any one of the officers and directors of the Corporation is authorized to take all such actions and execute and deliver all such documentation, including the annexed Articles of Continuance transition), the notice of registered office and of directors in the forms fixed by the Director, which are necessary or desirable for the implementation of this resolution.
MOTION: (Creelman/Brandie) that the above CURAC/ARUCC Special Resolution of Members be approved. CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.

9. Reports from Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees.

Reports from Standing Committees (Benefits, Communications, Conference, Finance, Health Care Policy and Pensions) and Ad-Hoc Committees (Aboriginal Affairs, Professional Support, Strategic Plan, and Travel Policy) were circulated to members in a pre-conference package. These reports were intended to provide members with an up-date on the work of each committee and to seek input from delegates on issues of concern.
Discussion of the Health Care Policy Committee Report resulted in a report that Queen’s University is sponsoring a series of Health Care Conferences over the next three years with the first being held in Toronto as we speak. This conference will include some of the big names such as Roy Romanow and Senator Michael Kirby. The President has submitted a revised copy of the CURAC/ARUCC Health Care paper to the conference organizers.

Peter Russell reported that the Professional Support Committee has sent a letter to NSERC requesting that there be no discrimination in the awarding of research grants to retirees. A reminder will be sent to NSERC.
The Secretary suggested that in contrast to the recent past, all association committees have submitted a report this year with most a written report. The Secretary thanked Committee Chairs for their promptness in submitting reports this year. In response to a question, it was agreed that all reports would be placed on the CURAC web page as soon as possible.
MOTION: (Huber/Cunnington) that the Committee Reports be received. CARRIED.

10. Report of the Nominating Committee.

Past-President John Meyer presented the Report of the Nominating Committee. The following candidates were nominated for election to the Board for the two-year period 2013-15:

Sandra Pyke, York University Retirees Association: President
Sandra Pyke is completing a two year term 2011-13 as Vice-President of CURAC/ARUCC. She has served in this position with distinction and if elected will become the first female President of CURAC/ARUCC.

Kenneth Craig, UBC Association of Professors Emeriti: Vice-President
Kenneth Craig, (Emeritus, 2003, Psychology, UBC), scholar, Director of Pain Institute, editor, past president Canadian Psychological Association, awardee, Board member, Killam Fellowship, Executive
and past president of Association for Professors Emeriti of University of British Columbia (2009-10).

George Brandie, Retirees Association of Queen’s: Director
George Brandie (Emeritus, Eng., 2004) Immediate Past President of CURAC and of Queen’s Retirees Association.

Bryan Harvey, Univ. of Saskatchewan RA: Director
Bryan Harvey, (Emeritus, 2005, Agrology, U.Sask) international scholar, scientist, former V.P. Res., awardee, inventor, Board member, Order of Canada. Currently on the Executive and committees of the
U.Sask. Retirees Association.

Linda Kealey, UNB Retirees Association: Director
Linda Kealy, (Emerita, 2012, History, UNB), scholar, social history, author, editor, awardee, academic convenor of 2011 Congress, Board member, history of healthcare, nominee of UNBREA.

Geraldine Thomas, St. Mary’s University RA Director
Geraldine Thomas (Emerita, 2007, Modern/Classic Lang., SMU), scholar, author, awardee, honoree, co-sponser of Atlantic curac regional, President St. Mary’s Retirees Association (SMURA).

Meyer indicated that the Nominating Committee was pleased with those who had agreed to stand. He indicated that the Committee was conscious of both geography and gender in seeking new candidates. Meyer then asked three times if there were any further nominations from the floor. Hearing no further nominations, he declared the proposed candidates to be elected by acclamation and offered his congratulations to these newly elected members, which was echoed by those in attendance at the meeting.

It was noted that the following incumbents were elected at the 2012 Annual General Meeting to serve on the Board of Directors for the two year period 2012-14:
June Panteluk, Univ. of Alberta Assn. of Professors Emeriti: Treasurer
Edgar Williams, Memorial University Pensioners Association: Secretary
Joan Cunnington, Ontario Colleges Retirees Association: Director
Kohur Gowrisankaran, Retiree Section of the McGill MAUT: Director
Patti Stoll, Ontario Colleges Retirees Association: Director

This meeting marks the completion of the Term of Office on the Board of Directors for Jack Boan, Paul Huber, Bob Lucas, John Meyer and John Stager. The President recognized the enormous contributions of these members and extended a sincere thank-you to all on behalf of CURAC/ARUCC and its member organizations.

It was noted that under the new NFP Act, there is no provision for Ex-Officio positions on the Board. The result is that the Chair of the Local Organizing Committee will not be appointed the Board but will participate in Board meetings as any other non-Board Committee Chair. Further, the position of Past-President is no longer a board position.

11. Delegates Forum.

In response to a question about the effect of the new NPF Act on local associations, it was appointed out that CURAC/ARUCC is a federally incorporated association which is governed by this new federal act. Member associations would normally be incorporated under provincial legislation which is not subject to the federal act. A Director of CURAC/ARUCC must be a member of a local association of CURAC/ARUCC and any change in contact information must be reported to Ottawa within 15 days of any change.
Also, under the new Act, if CURAC/ARUCC is dissolved, any assets shall be shard equally among member associations on record upon dissolution.

Jack Boan stated that he appreciated very much being on the Board for the past few years. He related about efforts to establish a national retiree association long before the establishment of CURAC/ARUCC. Jack Boan offered to help in any way possible: ‘’Just ask”.

John Meyer suggested that CURAC/ARUCC does not receive a great deal of feedback from its members. He thought that it is important that CURAC/ARUCC members bring to the Board information on any relevant issues.

George Brandie mentioned that the proposal of the Ontario government to place all retiree pension funds in Ontario in one large pool. We were asked to look into this resulting in our Pension Committee submitting a brief which was critical of the Ontario government proposals. If similar proposals arise in other provinces, we are here to help and welcome any input.

Geraldine Thomas asked how she might best obtain information about available benefits for retirees at other universities. For example, she mentioned discounts for retirees at the university fitness centre. It was suggested that any such request would, in this case, be referred to the Benefits Committee. Another alternative would be to pose a specific question that could be placed in our Newsletter requesting responses to either the Secretary or the person posing the question. The most recent survey by the Benefits Committee used the Survey Monkey software which is relatively easy to use and also provides a lot of information quickly. As a last or even first resort, the Secretary can email a request to all members rather quickly.

John Lennox reported that an MOU had been signed with the York administration last year.

Brian Phillips suggested that in dealing with the local university administration, there seemed to be a much better response when the local university realized that correspondence between the local association and the university were being copied to CURAC/ARUCC. He felt that this alone was an important service that CURAC/ARUCC can provide.

Wolfgang Faig reported that at UNB, retirees receive a 20 percent discount on an athletic pass. All retirees have access to campus parking facilities. A Joint Committee is working very well.

Len Evenden reported that within the BC system, smaller groups of retirees from the three major institutions get together on a regular or semi-regular basis to discuss mutual issues.

George Brandie suggested that there is the opportunity for local associations to contribute on local activities to the special member page on the national CURAC/ARUCC website.

The question of alternating regional meetings with national meetings was raised. Sandra Pyke indicated that this issue will be addressed by the new Board. The problem is always to find someone who is willing to spearhead the initiative. Brandie asked “What value do we place on national conferences?” It was suggested that alternating is possible under the new constitution. Meyer mentioned that AROHE now meets biennially. Brandie indicated that while financial reports must be approved, that could be done electronically.

12. Other Business.

The Secretary thanked local tech guru Phil Kirby for his invaluable service today and throughout the conference.

Paul Huber moved a vote of thanks to George Brandie for his service as President for the past two years. CARRIED unanimously with much applause.

13. Adjournment:

MOTION: (Gowri/Faig) that the meeting adjourn. CARRIED at 2:55 PM.

_____________________________ __________________________
Edgar Williams George Brandie
Secretary President

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Hamilton, ON
President’s Annual Report: Sandra Pyke

The CURAC Board has held seven meetings since the last AGM in June 2013 – two face-to-face meetings (June 2013 and May 2014) and five teleconference sessions. This has been an especially productive year for the Board. Our year began with the successful conclusion of work on the revision of the constitution as required by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, under the leadership of Past President, George Brandie. The Certificate of Continuance was issued July 23, 2013.
Over the course of the year, the Local Organizing Committee in Hamilton, under the joint collaboration of MURA and Mohawk College and co-chaired by Mary Johnston and Mary Barton with oversight from Geraldine Thomas, Chair of the Board Conference Committee, have designed a creative and stimulating conference which will be an exemplar for future such events.

This will clearly be a hard act to follow.
Under the auspices of the Communications Committee, Chaired by Bryan Harvey, we have produced three issues (#s 16, 17 and 18) of the Newsletter since the last AGM, thanks to the diligent efforts of our Editor par excellence, Joan Cunnington. We also distributed two iterations of the CURAC Bulletin (# 3 in October on highlights from the CAUT 2013-14 Almanac and another in November on problems with the Canada Health Transfer prepared by our very active Health Care Policy Committee, Chair, Linda Kealey). The latter was circulated to member associations for comment prior to revision and forwarding to various political officials. Also a component of our Communications Committee is the website, maintained by George Brandie which now contains summaries of sessions presented at the Newfoundland conference .
A letter from CURAC to Prime Minister Harper in December advocating reform to the Canada Pension Plan generated a long but pro forma response in April from Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State (Finance). His letter did little but regurgitate the well-known pillars of Canada’s retirement system. Paul Huber, Chair of the Pensions Committee has also revised the terms of reference for the committee.
Significant strides were taken by the Benefits Committee, co-chaired by Doug Creelmann and Patti Stoll. Terms of reference were revised and a benefits network was established with representatives from twenty-one member associations from eight provinces. The purpose of the network is to share information on benefits programs at post-secondary institutions across the country.
Another new initiative was the establishment of an archival system for CURAC. An Agreement of Understanding was signed in October with the Queen’s University Archives which will serve as the repository for all CURAC documents. George Brandie is CURAC’s first Archivist.
CURAC has begun the process of establishing a system of awards, the first such to be announced at the banquet. This initiative has involved the efforts of a number of individuals most recently that of our own, Ed Williams who is serving as Awards Secretary.
Thirty-nine associations across the country are now members of CURAC and we would like to thank these organizations for renewing their membership. Terms of reference for the membership committee (Chair, Ken Craig) have been revised and the committee will soon be embarking on an active program to recruit new members.
Peter Russell, on behalf of the Professional Support Committee, has explored reactions to the proposal of open access to the publication of funded research and in a session at this conference will be discussing the topic of support for research by retirees.
Ken Rea has assessed the level of interest in forming an international academic retiree project to determine retiree experiences outside Canada;
Kohur Gowrisankaran along with his Teasurer colleague, June Panteluk is responsible for the continued implementation of the travel policy as well as the proposal to increase fees. Gowri has also been instrumental in obtaining translation support for our various official documents for which we are very grateful.
In addition to the foregoing, CURAC has established a reciprocal relationship with our American counterpart, AROHE as well as liaison links with the following: CARP, ACCC, AUCC, AWBC, CAUT, CURC, CFP, Economical Select, the Literary Review. Individual Board members have been assigned to ensure that the connection with each of these agencies flourishes.
CURAC introduced a Strategic Plan which was implemented in 2013. Twenty-five goals were identified in the plan of which all but 6 have been fully or partially implemented. Work is proceeding on fostering research on public policy issues; improving benefits for members; encouraging the formation of retiree associations; recruiting new members, developing contacts with experience in various areas of concern and finally, the promotion of regional meetings.
This past year, the President has surveyed member associations to determine what services they would like to receive from CURAC and to identify their principal concerns. Results from this survey will be reported at the conference.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteer members of the Board for their substantive efforts to promote and support CURAC over this past year. It is perhaps especially important to recognize the critical contributions of our Secretary, Edgar Williams. Without his involvement, our accomplishments would be significantly fewer and their quality similarly downgraded. Thank you Ed and the rest of the Board members for adding lustre to our association. I would like to end with an invitation to the memberships of all affiliated CURAC associations – do consider getting more involved in the parent group – either as a Director or as a member of a committee. Your participation would be most welcome.

Sandra Pyke, President

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Hamilton, ON
Report of the Secretary: Edgar Williams

The 2013 CURAC/ARUCC Annual General Meeting and Conference, held June 12-14, 2013, was hosted by the Memorial University Pensioners Association. By all accounts, the Conference was both productive and enjoyable with appropriate thanks offered to the local organizers who gave so much of their time in preparation for the meeting.
Since the Annual General Meeting held June 13, the CURAC/ARUCC Board of Directors has held two meetings and five two-hour teleconference sessions. A Post Conference Board Meeting was held on Friday, June 14, 2013 at which it was agreed that there be a review of the mandates of Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees. Committee Chairs were appointed which provided the impetus for undertaking the review of goals of the Association for the ensuing year. A Pre-Conference Board meeting was held on May 28, 2014 at which the Board reviewed the various reports submitted for consideration at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.
In between these two meetings, the Board has held five two-hour teleconference sessions: August 19, October 10, December 6, February 7 and April 10. During these sessions, the Board considered issues such as membership renewals, Association newsletters and Bulletins, Reports from Committees such as The Healthcare Policy Committee , the Pensions Committee, the establishment of an Archives Committee and an Awards Committee, the Local Organizing Committee., Reports from the Treasurer and the President, etc. There are ten Standing and four Ad-Hoc Committees plus ten designated liaison members with external organizations such as CAUT, CARP, AROHE.
The Board issued three Newsletters during 2013-14: Autumn, October 2013, Winter, February 2014 and Spring, April, 2014 all under the capable guidance of Editor Joan Cunnington. In addition, three Bulletins were issued.
The work of CURAC is carried out mainly by its appointed Committees all of which report to the Board. Two new Committees were established during the year. The Archives Committee chaired by Past-President George Brandie, Queens University RA, began work to transfer relevant CURAC/ARUCC Archives to the collection at Queens University. The Awards Committee chaired by Secretary Ed Williams, MUN Pensioners Association, was established to recognize members whose service at the national or local levels is deemed worthy for special consideration.
During the past year, special mention can be made about the work of the Health Care Policy Committee with Linda Kealey, UNB RA as Chair. The work of the Benefits Committee was unfortunately affected by the untimely death of Ken Creelman. The ongoing business of other committees such as Finance, Pensions, Board Conference, Membership, Professional Support, the Local Organizing Committee under Mary Johnston and the folks from McMaster and Mohawk College, and Nominating will be outlined in the individual Reports.
The work of the Treasurer is important to all and we extend our thanks to June Panteluk who will complete her term of office at this AGM. The President is faced with the challenge of making it all work and she has done so with her charm and poise when faced with the issues that are bound to arise in any organization like CURAC/ARUCC. Sandra Pyke jumped in at the deep end last year and has kept her head above water with the ease of an Olympian.
As Secretary, I try to ensure that members are kept informed in a timely manner of the issues we face, including the need to be more proactive in advocating on behalf of our members. In October, I circulated membership renewal information and I am happy to report that by the end of April, with the exception of one dormant member, all members had renewed for 2013-14. I hope that this shows that there is confidence among local member organizations that our efforts are not in vain and are appreciated by many.
I remind members that maintaining up to date contact information for member associations is not a simple as envisioned. We request that associations forward new contact information (primarily email addresses) to me or the President (see old.curac.ca) when a change occurs at the local level. Otherwise, we normally have no way of knowing that this has happened and our on file information is out of date. In fact, our By-laws specify that Association Members should report to the Secretary within fifteen days any change in contact information.
Among the many tasks that arise in the course of a year is obtaining agreement from a Member Organization to host the next Annual Conference. A call to members to consider this opportunity has not as yet resulted in any positive response for 2015. I believe that with the number of new retirees in many associations, there should be sufficient interest in any number of associations to take on this interesting challenge. Personally, I am still hopeful and I hope that some association will see fit to accept our request.
I know that others will offer thanks to the Local Organizing Committee at McMaster and Mohawk College for their efforts to make the 2014 CURAC/ARUCC Conference and AGM a success. I too want to add my thanks to Mary Johnston and her crew for a job well done. Having been a member of the 2013 Host committee, I am fully aware of the planning required for a meeting such as this. This Hamilton meeting deserves full marks.
I offer best wishes to retiring members of the Board and at the same time welcome new members elected at this 2014 AGM. The state of the Union is Strong and only you can keep it so.

Edgar Williams, National Secretary. May 17, 2014

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Hamilton, ON
Treasurer’s Report: June Panteluk

1. The Audited Financial Statements for 2013-14 are attached or have been distributed. I would like to move that this audited financial statement for 2013-14 be approved by the AGM.

2. We have had the opportunity to examine the report of the Finance Committee wherein the reasons for increase in membership dues paid by the associations have been elaborated That report as well makes the clear the methodology adopted in getting the feedback from member associations in this respect.
Therefore, now, I move that effective 2014-15, the annual CURAC/ARUCC membership fee be calculated at $.75/per local member with a minimum annual fee of $25.00 and a maximum annual fee of $300.

3. Report on membership. There are currently thirty-nine fee-paying member associations in CURAC/ARUCC. We anticipate extra revenue of about $1,200 due to the increased local membership rate increase. We have reciprocal complementary membership with AROHE (Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education), our American counterpart based in California. As well we are in the process of attaining the same type of membership with CURC (Congress of Union Retirees of Canada): in past years we have paid member dues to CURC but they have not held a membership in CURAC/ARUCC.

4. Appointment of the Auditor for 2014-15.
I move that the Board of Directors be authorized to appoint a qualified Auditor for the year 2014-15
Respectfully submitted,

June Panteluk
May 17, 2014

CURAC/ARUCC Budget Estimates for 2014-15


Membership Fees 7,000.00
Surplus from conferences 3,000.00
Investment income 60.00
Economical Select payment 1,400.00
TOTAL 11,460.00


Delegate travel rebates 2,000.00
Board member travel rebates 4,000.00
Board member travel other 1,500.00
Accountant fees 750.00
Conference calls 800.00
Bank charges 120.00
Federal registration 30.00
Website registration, maintenance:450.00
Postage 100.00
Miscellaneous 500.00
TOTAL 10,250.00

NET INCOME: 1,210.00

1. The Conference surplus is an estimate based on the experience of last several years.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014 – Hamilton, ON
Report of the Nominating Committee: George Brandei

The Nominating Committee presents the following nominations to the Board of Directors of CURAC/ARUCC:
(a) Directors being re-nominated for a further two-year term:
Kohur (Gowri) Gowrisankaran (McGill University) is nominated for a further term as Director. Gowri has been an active and enthusiastic Director, chairing our Finance Committee and arranging French translation of our Newsletters.
Edgar (Ed) Williams (Memorial University of Newfoundland) is nominated for a further term as Director and Secretary of CURAC/ARUCC. Ed has been an efficient and effective Secretary, keeping our Member Associations informed of our activities, and circulating Board documents to Directors as far in advance of meetings as he receives them. Ed is also our liaison with CARP.
(b) Directors being nominated for the first time to a two-year term:
Jim Boyd (Simon Fraser University) is nominated to become Director and Treasurer. Jim has been advisor/consultant on business financial matters after retiring as Simon Fraser University (SFU) Treasurer. He assisted Chartwell Asset Management marketing alternative investments, served as financial advisor to acquire Hockey.com domain, and advised on Centre 200 Inc. real estate issues. Highlights of his career in the administration of SFU were:
• Fiduciary trustee 21+ years on SFU Academic Pension Plan
• Financed private placement $150 million 40 year debenture
• Governance and compliance monitoring of16 investment managers
• Member Oversight Committee SFU MBA Wealth Management program
• Managed $100 million SFU bond and $25 million equity portfolios
He has been (and is) active on the boards of many community organizations in the Vancouver area, and has just been elected President of the SFU Retirees Association.

Beverley D. (Bev) Stefureak (Lakehead University) is nominated to become a Director. A graduate of Queen’s, from 1983 to 2001 Bev served as Executive Assistant to the President, Secretary of the Board of Governors, and Secretary of the Senate of Lakehead University (Professional support to the two governing bodies, and administration of all student judicial affairs, both academic appeals and disciplinary appeals). From 2001 to 2004 she was Assistant Secretary to the Governing Council of the University of Toronto (Professional support to the Governing Council, with primary responsibility for the Business Board, the University Affairs Board, the Honorary Degrees Committee, and secondary responsibility for the Audit Committee and the Executive Committee). Following her retirement in 2004, Bev held temporary contracts with the Governing Board of U of T. On returning to Thunder Bay in 2006, she was contracted by Lakehead University to troubleshoot outstanding concerns with the administration of Senate, to professionally support Senate through the 2006/07 academic year, to oversee the transition to a new Secretary of Senate, and to write the first by-laws for the Lakehead University Senate through May 2008. She has engaged in volunteer activities and is currently and Executive Officer of the Retirees’ Association of Lakehead University.

David Swayne (University of Guelph) is nominated to become a Director. David is a retired Professor of Computer Science. He graduated with the PhD from University of Waterloo in 1975 and joined the University of Guelph in 1981, retiring in January 2011. For a considerable part of his career, he participated in a successful collaboration with Environment Canada researchers at Canada Centre for Inland Waters, working on knowledge-based systems for analyzing many aspects of water resources, pollutant transport and ecosystem analysis. His work led to projects in more than forty countries. He organized several international Environmental Software conferences, and he served on Boards and Commissions for the International Federation for Information Processing. He holds a Silver Core Award from IFIP and is a Fellow of the International Environmental Modelling and Software Society. He now dedicates himself mostly to the sport of Crossfit , as a Masters’ level participant. David is currently Past President of the University of Guelph Retirees Association. Familiar with the software for editing and delivering our current web pages, David has agreed to become our next Web Editor.

Michel Toussignant (Université du Québec à Montréal) is nominated to become a Director. Since 1975 he was Professor of Psychology at UQAM (Head of Department 1977-1979). Author of over 90 papers, 9 books and over 40 book chapters, Michel has been principal investigator in over 30 research projects in social and human ecology, mental health, suicide and suicide prevention. He was awarded the Prix de la recherche 2005 de la Société canadienne de prévention du suicide, among many honours.He has served on the Editorial Committees of Psychologie Canadienne/Canadian Psychology, the Candian Journal of Community Mental Health/Revue Canadienne de Santé Mentale Communautaire, and the African Journal of Psychiatry and is a member of Société canadienne de psychologie, the International Association of Transcultural Psychiatry, and the International Association of Suicide Prevention.

Ed Unrau (University of Manitoba) is nominated to become a Director. Ed is currently president of the University of Manitoba Retirees Association. He retired in 2006 after 36 years with the university and was a member first of the public relations department, which evolved into the public affairs department and still later into university relations. He was assistant director of the department and, at retirement, manager of publications and special projects. He is a graduate of the University of Manitoba. For the past five years he has been editor of the quarterly magazine of the Western Canadian Aviation Museum.

If elected, these nominees will join the Board at the Post-Conference Board meeting to be held on Friday, May 30, 2014.

(c) Continuing Officers and Directors whose terms expire in 2015

Sandra Pyke, President (York University)
Kenneth Craig, Vice-Prtesident (University of British Columbia)
George Brandie, Past President (Queen’s University)
Linda Kealey, Director (University of New Brunswick)
Geraldine Thomas (St. Mary’s University)

(d) The following have resigned or retired from the Board:
June Panteluk, Treasurer (University of Alberta)
Joan Cunnington, Director and Newsletter Editor (Ontario Colleges Retirees Assoc.)
Bryan Harvey, Director and Communications Committee Chair (University of Saskatchewan)
Patti Stoll, Director and Benefits Committee Chair following the death of Douglas Creelman (Ontario Colleges Retirees Assoc)

We thank them for their service to CURAC/ARUCC over the years.

At the AGM it will be moved that, unless there additional nominations from the floor, the individuals named in Sections a) and b) above be acclaimed to the positions indicated above.

Respectfully submitted,

CURAC/ARUCC Nominating Committee:
George Brandie (Chair)
Lois Brockman
Kenneth Craig
Linda Kealey
John Stager

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